Friday, April 3, 2009

Currently I have over 20 canvases of unfinished paintings. Most are about 90% complete. It's the last 10% that frustrates the heck out of me and the hardest part of painting. I can see the finished project in my head, but getting it out takes time and effort. Maybe that is the reason I've been focusing on pottery and glass lately. Making pottery pieces is so much more relaxing and instant gratification. I can complete several pieces in 1 setting. Glass melting/sculpting is much the same. Less tedious, less time consuming. I'm not giving up my painting or even slowing down, I've just discovered more creative outlets. I will be posting pottery photos soon, as I'd like to add them to the TerryDoesArt site.
With the economy in the state it is, I will only do 1 or 2 art shows this year. The 1st will be the Montevallo Art Assoc. show April 18th at Orr Park in Montevallo. Last year I won 2nd place at this show for painting. I will also apply for the Kentuck Art Festival held in October, in Northport, AL. It takes several years to get accepted into the show, and this will be my second attempt. I do not expect to be in the show this year, but my chances increase with each new batch of painting. Another artist told me of the Kentuck Show....."someone has to die and give up their spot before another painter is accepted." I don't want anyone to die, but I dream of having a booth at this show one day.......

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