Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brother and Sister - pen and ink on art paper. This is an older pen drawing, completed in 2004 or 2005, I forget. Probably the best full body ink drawing I've done......
1966 VW Beetle - pen and ink on art paper. I haven't posted any pen and ink drawings on here....this one is the first. I was only going to use this blog for paintings, but after much thought, it is what I've created. During the 1990's through 2000, I completed and sold over 300 pen and ink drawings, mostly portraits of children or pets. This one is one of the favorites.....
Old VW Bus - 24x48 acrylic on 1/4" board. One of my favorites....old Volkswagens. Beetles or Busses, I love 'em!!!
Screaming To The Mountains - 10x12 acrylic on art board and framed. A sensitive subject for me to paint. This painting depicts a mother holding a child and not letting the male in the background be with the child. Obviously, the male in the background will cross mountains and streams, letting nothing keep him from his child...........
Woman At The Well - 11x14 acrylic on stretched canvas and framed. Another in a series of sermons from my church.
Washing The Disciple's Feet - 11x14 acrylic on stretched canvas and framed. Another painting in a series inspired by my pastor. This is the resulting painting from a few sermons. I love that church......
Boy Jesus In The Temple - 12x12 acrylic on art board. My pastor recently talked about a young Jesus in the Temple and this is the resulting painting. I really enjoy my church........
Clarinet Player - 24x48 acrylic on 1/4" board. Another in the series of jazz musicians. My first clarinet player.

Jazz Trumpet Player - 24x24 acrylic on 1/4" board. I haven't painted a good trumpet player yet, so this was the first attempt.......
3 Piece Jazz - 10x12 acrylic on stretched canvas. Another painting combining my 2 favorite subjects in art.....the paintings of Picasso and New Orleans Jazz musicians
Picasso's Cello Player - 10x12 acrylic on art board. I'm a huge fan of Picasso's cubist paintings. This was completed during a time when I was reading several books about Picasso's life. I love the effect Picasso has had on these paintings........
Playing Jazz Bass - 24x48 Acrylic on 1/4" board

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trumpet Player
14x11 Acrylic on stretched canvas
New Orleans Piano Player
11x14 Acrylic on Canvas
Smokin Guitar Player
14x11 Acrylic on stretched canvas
Jazz Craziness
24x36 Acrylic on stretched canvas
12x8 Acrylic on stretched canvas
Blue Suit Bass Player
11x14 Acrylic on stretched canvas
Blue Faced Spouse
11x14 Acrylic on stretched canvas
Lady Jazz Singer
24x48 Acrylic on plywood

Monday, June 1, 2009

Only 2 Art Shows this year.....

The first show I will be participating in for 2009 will be the Scottsboro Three Art Club "Art in the Park" show, September 6th in Scottsboro, Alabama. I was in this show last year and actually won a "Merit" award. This is a 1 day only show on Sunday.
The second show I'm participating in is "Arts on the Green" at Ross Bridge Golf Resort in Birmingham, Al. on October 24th & 25th. This is a 2 day show....both Saturday and Sunday. This is the third annual event and I have never shown at this show before. I hope all goes well.
Everybody come out to the shows and support local artists!!!