Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jazz Trombone Player

24x24 Acrylic on board
Jazz Trombone Player #1
11th painting in this series/style

Jazz Acooustic Guitar Player

24x24 Acrylic on board
Jazz Acoustic Guitar Player.
10th painting is this style/series

Dirty Winged Angel

16x20 Dirty Winged Angel. Acrylic on art board.
Heavily applied acrylic paint for the wings giving thick/fluffy/dirty appearance. Framed.

Cubist Cindy #1

Sorry for the blurry photo.
11x14 Cubist Cindy. Acrylic on art board.
The 1st attempt at combining heavy Picasso-esque cubism with the beauty of form by my wife,, she like Daisy flowers.